Water Damage Restoration

  • Our experienced and reliable team will work with you and guide you through the restoration processes, from the initial inspection, getting underway with the make safe works, through to the complete drying of your home.
  • We are the trusted experts in building drying with a proven track record second to none and customer satisfaction No 1 rating.
  • We dry building structure to prevent secondary damage and halt the amplification of mould, and in accordance with industry standards and guidelines.
  • If it gets wet, we can dry it!
  • On Site Inspection and Moisture Detection
  • Insurance Reports.
  • Quotes
  • Water Extraction and damaged carpet removal.
  • Building Drying in your home or your place of business.
  • Contents drying, restoration and cleaning.
  • Contents pack out and storage.
  • Body Corporate.
  • Sanitation and on-site ATP Testing for clean indication.
  • Certificate of Sanitation.
  • Hygiene Post Remediation Verification (PRV).

Kitchen and Cabinetry Drying

The cavity space behind kickboard areas of cabinetry need to be addressed for drying of the cavity space and rear wall areas whether the cabinetry is to be replaced or not. Drilling of kickboards or base shelving is standard practice to pump hot, dry air into the void.


Building Structure Drying

Mould Remediation

Moisture and mould go hand in hand, and living in the tropics of North Queensland, the humid climate can play havoc with creating the right atmosphere for mould to thrive in your home or workplace.

Commonly, we see mould associated with a water damage incident that has not been noticed or discovered for a period of time. When left unchecked, mould can take hold and thrive and can have the potential to cause health problems.

Drizair’s mould remediation program may involve the following:

  • Inspection, identification and rectification of the cause.
  • Determine Habitability.
  • Erect containment when required.
  • Removal of contaminated materials.
  • Use of specialized air filtration equipment.
  • Hepa vacuuming surfaces, wash down and aerosolized treatments.
  • Sampling and analysis.

Fire Smoke Damage Restoration

  • Drizair has a very experienced and reliable team of qualified fire restoration technicians who understand the nature of fire and work together to clean, decontaminate and prepare your property and personal effects.
  • We understand that fire damage can be a traumatic experience and from the on set of the initial inspection we work closely with you to formulate the best approach for your situation, to enable effective wards preparing your property and personal effects.
  • We provide full contents on site and off-site cleaning and decontamination, and storage of your contents. We document, photograph and prepare contents manifests.
  • We clean and decontaminate the building in preparation for builder works.

Drizair Fire Damage Recovery Steps:

  • Inspect site and make safe affected areas
  • Document, photograph and scope all areas and contents
  • Liaise with your loss adjustor
  • Design your fire damage restoration program
  • Process contents – decontamination and cleaning of restorable contents.
  • Pack and store contents in preparation for building reconstruction
  • Construction of damaged property to bring back to original

On Site Inspection and Moisture Detection

The first step is to use thermal imaging (infrared camera) along with a variety of specialized moisture detection instruments to seek out the moisture in your home. Different instruments are used to detect moisture for different building materials.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Duct Cleaning & Domestic Air conditioning Units.
Our air con anti-bacterial flush is non-corrosive and guaranteed to reduce airborne contaminants, reduce mould, mildew, and fungi, and kill 99.9% of bacteria that build up in air conditioners over time. It is non-toxic and safe for household use.

Timber Floor Drying

Drizair has over 20 years experience with drying of timber floors using desiccant drying technology, Low Grain Refrigerant drying technology, negative pressure mats and heat drying. Cupping is reduced and timber is returned to dry standard.

Building Preparation Works

Before we commence Drying building structure, standard procedure is to prepare the building for drying.
Actions needed to be done may include the removal of:

  • Skirting boards from wet walls
  • Damaged and wet floor coverings
  • Wet Cabinetry kick boards
  • Badly impacted wall linings

For your safety, peace of mind and continuation of restoration processes, we may also need you to be temporarily relocated from your home.

Strata Title & Property Management

We provide you with prompt inspections, guide you through what comes next and can get underway with required works, promptly.

We have the right instruments and moisture detection instrument to accurately scope works for you.

We can provide you with time efficient drying solutions so that your occupants are least inconvenienced.

We provide you with the reports and documentation you need for the insurance claim.