Assessors & Insurance Companies

Why insurance companies want Drizair on their panel of service providers in North Queensland

We know building drying. We introduced restorative drying to the North Queensland Insurance Institute in 1996 and have the expertise and experience in providing building drying services to the insurance industry.

The Drizair team is fully mobile and travel any where in North Queensland, and further afield for disaster events. We can manoeuvre our large trucks and trailers anywhere, anytime.

We have the right drying equipment for any size project. We have a large inventory of drying equipment technology including industrial desiccant dehumidifiers, low grain dehumidifiers and generators, along with material-specific moisture meters and moisture detection instrumentation including infrared technology (thermal imaging). We can find the wet areas at a glance, which also assists the builder and insured.

Drizair are long term leaders in building structural drying and are pioneers in desiccant drying technology and specialises in drying the building envelope.

We provide the claim documentation and reports you need.

Strata Title & Property Management

We provide you with prompt inspections, guide you through what comes next and can get underway with required works, promptly.

We have the right instruments and moisture detection instrument to accurately scope works for you.

We can provide you with time efficient drying solutions so that your occupants are least inconvenienced.

We provide you with the reports and documentation you need for the insurance claim.

Insurance Builders

  • Why building contractors want to sub-contract building drying to Drizair
  • We provide you with prompt inspections and get underway with sanitation and drying works in a prompt and no fuss manner.
  • We have a great range of moisture detection instruments, including thermal imaging, which we have been utilising for moisture detection in building structure since 2006. We often detect leaks where others may not without instruments.
  • We provide you with best, most time-efficient, and cost-effective structural drying solutions that take the guesswork out of your estimates and reduce your downtime waiting for buildings to dry ‘naturally’.
  • We partner with builders who understand that the structural drying phase is an important integral part of all disaster rebuilding and recovery programs and should not be overlooked.
  • Drizair has specialized truck and trailer mounted commercial desiccant dehumidifiers, portable desiccant dehumidifiers, inventory of LGR dehumidifiers and large capacity generators, for any size job.
  • We provide you with the documentation you need. We want your rebuilding and repair program to withstand your building guarantee.