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Mobile Building and Structural Drying Services

Drizair (QLD) Pty Ltd, provides its mobile building and structural drying services throughout the North Queensland and greater region, servicing the insurance, building and construction, mining, and restoration industries.

Commercial and industrial drying is usually achieved through the installation of desiccant drying technology. Thorough drying of the building structure is accomplished whilst quickly stabilising the environment, halting mould amplification, preventing secondary damage, and slowing corrosion of metal structure members from high humidity.

Drizair advocates the importance of conducting proper building moisture detection inspections as a prelude to the drying phase and the removal of abnormal moisture content from materials in all rebuilding and recovery programs related to incidents of flood, cyclone, storm and everyday occurrences of water damage within the building envelope.

Drizair has experienced many acts of mother nature dished up in the North Queensland region since the early 1990s and introduced restorative drying to the North Queensland Insurance Institute.

Drizair continues to lead the way in providing drying solutions to your moisture problems.

Summary of Services

  • Building inspection and moisture detection
  • Building and structural drying
  • Desiccant dehumidification
  • Contents drying
  • Real time biological testing
  • Support services for mould remediation
  • Surface preparation and coating environment
  • Specialised fire recovery services