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Insurance Companies and Assessors

Why insurance companies want Drizair on their panel of service providers in North Queensland

  • We know building drying. We introduced restorative drying to the North Queensland Insurance Institute in 1996 and have the expertise and experience in providing building drying services to the insurance industry.
  • We are a mobile unit and travel any where in North Queensland and further afield for disaster events. We can manoeuvre our large trucks and trailers anywhere, anytime.
  • We have the right drying equipment for any size project. We have a large inventory of drying equipment technology including industrial desiccant dehumidifiers, low grain dehumidifiers and generators, along with material-specific moisture meters and moisture detection instrumentation including infrared technology (thermal imaging). We can find the wet areas at a glance, which also assists the builder and insured.
  • We are leaders in building structural drying in Australia and we are pioneers in desiccant drying technology.
  • We provide the best, most thorough and time efficient drying solutions.
  • We are a drying company that specialises in drying the building envelope. We know our stuff and it is what we do best. As owner/operators, we do the drying ourselves.
  • We have experience with large drying projects throughout numerous disaster events in Australia and overseas.
  • Our desiccant drying technology allows occupants to remain in the building whilst drying is occurring and our inventory of generators allows us to operate independently with our own power.
  • We provide Drying Completion Certificates and conduct real-time biological testing to provide Certificate of Sanitation for peace of mind.