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Building Contractors

Why building contractors want to sub-contract building drying to Drizair

  • We will provide you with a Drying Completion Certificate upon completion of our drying. We want your rebuilding and repair program to withstand your building guarantee.
  • Your hand is not a moisture detection tool. We have a range of specific moisture detection meters for a range of materials. We know how to use and interpret the instruments. We also use thermal imaging which seeks out moisture at a glance that your naked eye cannot see and your hand cannot feel.
  • We have detected leaks in many different situations that otherwise were left undetected.
  • We provide you with the best, most time-efficient, and most cost-effective structural drying solutions that take the guesswork out of your estimates and reduce your downtime waiting for buildings to dry 'naturally'.
  • We partner with builders who understand that the structural drying phase is an important integral part of disaster rebuilding and recovery programs, and desire for this work to be undertaken by a true professional in the field.
  • We understand and work within the BSA guidelines, and like you, we travel and work in disaster zones.
  • We are Blue Card Holders.
  • We have a large range of LGR dehumidifiers and industrial desiccant dehumidifiers mounted on trucks and trailers for commercial drying, along with our own power generators.